Grand Rapids:

Summer Activities Perfect For All Ages

West Michigan! Whether it’s hanging out with the Grandkids or taking Mom to the beach, there are many ways to get outside no matter what age you are. Here are just some of the fun summer activities perfect for all ages to enjoy.

Take a Trip To The Beach

A visit to the beach can be both relaxing and fun for people of all ages. Plus we live right next to beautiful Lake Michigan, why not take advantage? If it is hard for you or a family member to walk through the sand, consider a nice walk on the surrounding sidewalk or pier to avoid strain to your bones and muscles.

Take a Walk Downtown

Retail therapy is the best medicine, and taking a walk in your favorite downtown scene is an easy way to get in some exercise while getting outside during the nice summer months. Consider enjoying some cafe seating outside to really take advantage. This activity is perfect for any age group, but is always done better together.

Outdoor Concerts

Concerts are fun as is, but going to one outside is a summer activity that should be on everyones agenda. Frederick Meijer Gardens concert series goes on through September 18th and is a great option for a local outdoor concert venue that is friendly to people of all ages with wheel chair accessible seating.

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