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Casket Showroom


When people are faced with the loss of a loved one, they are able to make final arrangement choices that truly reflect the personal spirit of their loved one. One of those choices is the selection of a casket, which can be among the most significant of all the arrangement decisions. We offer a wide range of selections in caskets for your loved one at Gerst Funeral Home.

Monticello Vault


All vaults are of concrete construction and are locally manufactured. 

Series of Urns


We offer a wide range of of crematon urns to give your loved one a special resting place. We also offer a variety of keepsakes allowing families to cherish and enjoy a personal reminder of their loved one, each holding a portion of cremation remains. Our urns and keepsakes collection provides various style, size and material offerings to meet each family’s needs.

Three fingerprint engraved necklaces by Legacy Touch
Fingerprint Jewelry

Meaningful fingerprint jewelry and keepsakes for everyone you love.