Grand Rapids:

Funeral Etiquette You Need To Know

1. Dress Conservatively

It’s not always necessary to wear black to a funeral, but there is certain funeral etiquette you need to know. Dress to not draw attention to yourself is generally what is required. Funerals and visitations are for the grieving and putting yourself in a negative light on such a sensitive day could very well tarnish some relationships.

2. Put Your Phone On Silent

Nothing could possibly be more upsetting than a cell phone going off during a heartfelt message about the deceased. It’s important to insure your phone is on complete silent mode before attending the funeral, as it’s quite possible to get wrapped up after you arrive.

3. Bringing Your Child

This is another situation that is completely unique and dependent upon if the child can behave at the funeral. It’s best to sit down and have a talk with the child before the funeral and visitation on the proper etiquette to ensure they will not be a distraction to any grieving family members. But once again this is also dependent upon the child’s relationship to the deceased.

4. Preparing A Speech

Many wonder if it is necessary to prepare by either printing or writing a speech for the visitation. This varies from person to person depending on how strong their feelings are. It is never a bad idea to write notes to ensure you don’t miss anything you wanted to say, but speaking from the heart is also never a bad option.

5. Take Cues From Other Guests

Every funeral and visitation is different, so make sure you are adjusting to the families unique situation. Some are much more casual and may even take place in a home while others are very formal. It all just depends on how everything is conducting so take note from other attendees of the funeral.

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