Grand Rapids:

Thoughtful Mother’s Day Gifts

A Nice Dinner

If you’re looking for a thoughtful Mother’s Day gift, there seems to be one thing nobody can turn down: their favorite meal! Consider cooking for Mom this Mother’s Day or take her to her favorite restaurant. Showing her you care by remembering her favorite dish is guaranteed to pull on her heart strings. Plus the time spent together eating is money well spent.

Flowers and Plants

A nice bouquet of flowers is a universal symbol for showing someone you love them, but make it a little bit more personal to Mom for Mother’s Day. Try getting plants with messages attached to them, say in the form of a wooden popup or engraved with your Mother’s favorite saying or her name. Succulents also make great gifts as they generally have a long life cycle and require little maintenance.

Personalized Household Items

Instead of getting your Mother a typical gift for the house, try one with a little more personal flair. A popular trend for 2019 is personalized wind-chime sets that come engraved with favorite sayings and quotes. You can purchase personalized chimes on many websites including Etsy where most sellers will allow full customization down to your Mother’s favorite color.

Do you have any favorite Mother’s Day gifts? One thing is for certain: any gift for Mom is better spent together.