Grand Rapids:

3 Reasons Why Pre-Planning Arrangements Is Important

Pre-planning an end of life celebration has become more and more common, especially in the United States. Pre-arranging offers an advantage of making challenging decisions in an atmosphere where grief and trauma are absent. Let’s go through some of the reasons why pre-planning arrangements is important.

#1. Less Financial Strain

Pre-funding and pre purchasing funeral items decreases the financial strain on you and your loved ones. There are a few different ways to pre-fund a funeral where you can deposit a lump sum or in installments. Or you may be able to purchase a designed insurance policy that covers these expenses.

#2. Protecting Against Inflation

Prices in the market are constantly fluctuating so it’s important to invest while you still can to protect against inflation. The average funeral costs inflate around 3.4 percent every year annually according to Inflation data.

#3. Relieve Stress

There is one thing that is impossible to put a price tag on, and that is peace of mind. Having you or your loved ones arrangements pre-planned leaves you without worry of future financial burden. Knowing that you or your loved one is set with the style of end of life celebration that is most comfortable can really ease the entire process.

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