Grand Rapids:

Why Having The “Lifetime” Talk Is Important

(FAMIC) introduced Have the Talk of a Lifetime to help families talk openly about a persons life story. Many funeral homes across the globe including Gerst having encouraged many families during the pre-arrangement stage of the funeral process to gain a better understanding of their loved ones lives and what is most important to them. However, this talk isn’t just for people near the end of life. Here are just some of the reasons why having the Lifetime talk is important at many stages of life’s journey.

Help Gain Important Insight

There are many reasons to have the Lifetime Talk, but one of the most important is to better understand who or what your loved one really holds closest to them. Finding this out can help loved ones reacquaint with themselves and in turn help them realize their life made an impact on the world and those around them. In turn you can take these experiences and incorporate them into an end of life celebration that your loved one would definitely approve of.

Learn About New Memories Or Experiences 

Wouldn’t it be amazing to relive your family or loved ones most exciting memories? Of course it would! The Lifetime Talk really allows you to learn new information about your loved ones while also re-experiencing these memories with them. Not to mention, you may learn some new information about your loved ones values that help you better understand them.

Plan For The Future 

The Lifetime Talk can really happen at any age and isn’t restricted to people that are near the end of their life. Learning about these memorable events and important people in their lives can really help steer you in a direction towards filling your life with more of those items. Taking notes before, during, or after the conversation is also a smart idea, as it’s easy to get emotional or caught up in the moment.

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