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5 Reasons To Pre-Plan a Funeral

Planning a funeral is a challenging task, no matter what stage of grief you are in. While there are no ways to prevent the inevitable, there are ways that can make that funeral process run a lot smoother for your family and loved ones. Here we’ll discuss the financial, emotional, and meaningful reasons to pre-plan a funeral.

Ability To Make Challenging Decisions

When planning a funeral there are many different elements to consider. Place, burial type, customization, and price are just some of the challenging decisions that have to be faced after a loved one passes. When pre-planning a funeral, however, the blanket of grief is no longer present and these difficult tasks can be completed with a clear head. You won’t need to feel rushed into any decision making and time can be taken to thoroughly plan out each element of the funeral.

Creating a More Meaningful Experience

One of the many benefits of pre-planning a funeral is the ability to really deep dive into ways you can customize the ceremony. From personal items like golf clubs and quits to cherished memories like photo albums and videos, customization is key to a meaningful funeral. Gerst Funeral Homes offers full customization for the products we offer including engraving, elaborate casket designs, and more.

Lessened Financial Burden

When a loved one suddenly passes, many financial decisions are suddenly presented. Often times, the costs associated with a funeral vary and are often billed in installments. When you decide to pre-plan a funeral you are protected against inflation and are offered several different financing options that are not available during a sudden passing. These payments can be made in lump sums or installments over time.

Family Involvement

When a family member passes grief doesn’t just overwhelm those closes to the one who has passed, but rather the whole family. Pre-planning a funeral allows for more family involvement and input during the process. Other family members may have shared stories or mementos that they believe is important to the deceased and should be part of the funeral.

Peace Of Mind

Possibly the biggest benefit of pre-planning a funeral is the added peace of mind. Knowing that your family will be in a good position financially and emotionally when someone passes creates a sense of ease during the planning process. While grieving can be a stressful time, it doesn’t have to be. Contact Gerst Funeral Homes today to see how you can start pre-planning for your loved ones tomorrow.

Want to learn more about pre-planning? Check out our video below: