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How To Write an Obituary

An obituary is an article that will report on the death of a person along with a beautiful account of their life and personal information like family, work, and life accomplishments. When there is a death of a loved one, the obituary is likely one of the last items on your mind. However, writing an obituary can be a very therapeutic part of the grieving process. Here we’ll discuss the steps you need to take to write the perfect obituary.

Make A List

An easy way to get started with writing an obituary is to first make a list of things you want to mention. This list might include children and family, favorite hobbies and food, or notable characteristics of the deceased. This does not have to be in any particular order and is designed to quickly jot your thoughts down and find important items to mention within the obituary.

Don’t Forget The Details

After making a list of items you want to be included in the obituary, then begin to outline essential information that readers need to know including:

  • Date Of Birth
  • Place Of Birth
  • Photo
  • Funeral Date and Time
  • Name and Address Of Where Services Will Be Held
  • Important Life Events
  • Family Members Who Have Survived The Deceased
  • Immediate Family Members Who Were Predeceased 

Write In Present Tense

After you create your list, begin writing your obituary in the present tense. This makes the writing process much easier and can make you really feel like you are really connected with the deceased. This stage of the obit process can be very therapeutic and allows you to really honor their memories.

Take Your Time

When writing an obituary don’t rush or feel the need to complete it all at once. Grieving the loss of a loved one is a very difficult road ahead, and each individual needs to write the obituary at their own pace. If you feel stuck or unmotivated, simply take a break and return to the writing process later. Don’t stress if it takes multiple attempts, you will complete it in your own time.

All-in-all, writing an obituary can be a difficult process. Reliving memories of a recently deceased loved one can be a tough process, however, it can also be an important part of grieving and can provide comfort for friends and family. Gerst Funeral Homes can assist you with writing a perfect obituary that properly honors your loved one. Contact us today!