Grand Rapids:

Planning a Funeral During a Pandemic

COVID-19 has changed the way the funeral industry conducts business while remaining open as an “essential” service. While a pandemic means we are socially distant, it doesn’t mean we have to feel disconnected. From live streaming to virtual pre-planning, there are many ways funeral services are able to utilize technology to adjust during COVID-19. Here, we’ll discuss some of the things you need to consider when planning a funeral during a pandemic.

Determining Immediate Family

Since there is a constant change to restrictions for in-person interaction during COVID-19, it’s wise to first identify immediate family when planning a funeral. This immediate family is the 5-10 members that are closest to the one who has passed including parents, children, siblings and nieces and nephews. While location can change the number of family members allowed, having an idea of who the immediate family members are making the funeral planning process during a pandemic a lot smoother.  As time goes on, the governor holds the power to either increase or decrease the number of people allowed in funeral homes. Planning a virtual funeral is an easy way to avoid excluding family members from a funeral service.

Streaming and Online Options

Opt for a virtual funeral service to honor your loved ones while practicing social distancing. Gerst Funeral Homes offers Facebook live streaming funeral services in addition to limited in-person services. Live streaming is offered with any funeral service with Gerst during the COVID-19 crisis. Read more about how technology is keeping funeral services connected here. 

Customization For Your Loved One

Even though COVID-19 has changed many ways funerals can honor passed on loved ones, full customization is still available at Gerst Funeral Homes. Picture boards and important personal items are strongly encouraged as are golf clubs, quilts, university flags, and medals. These pieces can easily be displayed to friends and family during the Facebook live so others can participate in the life’s journey. Text or symbols can be engraved on many products and caskets, with most standard designs ready in just a day or two.

Even though we can’t all be together to hug and mourn over a lost loved one, technology gives us the ability to connect and grieve together. Let Gerst Funeral Homes help guide you through planning a funeral during COVID-19. Book a virtual call with us today and dive deeper into different funeral service products and customizations that are currently available.