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Three Reasons Why Having The “Lifetime” Talk Is Important

Have you ever heard or witnessed a family member arguing about their loved one’s final wishes? Or perhaps they wished they had clarification on the best way to create a memorial their family member would have wanted? This situation is common and preventable! Preplanning services and resources exist to help families openly discuss each other’s life journeys and end-of-life preferences and wishes. One of these resources is Have the Talk of a Lifetime.

What is, Have the Talk of a Lifetime?

Created by the Funeral and Memorial Information Council, Have the Talk of a Lifetime is now part of the National Funeral Directors Association’s consumer education initiative, Remembering a Life. Have the Talk of a Lifetime was introduced to empower families to better understand their loved ones’ lives and what matters most to them. It isn’t just for people near the end of life; Lifetime Talks can be beneficial regardless of age or stage in life! 

What is Remembering a Life?

Remembering a Life is a guide to connect individuals and families with grief resources and information about funeral services and memorials. Its goal is to educate consumers, empower them to make informed decisions, and connect families with funeral homes nationwide. 

“89% of adults over the age of 40 feel a discussion about their end-of-life wishes would be meaningful” – Funeral and Memorial Information Council

Help Gain Important Insight

There are many reasons to have the Lifetime Talk, but one of the most important is to clarify who or what your loved one holds closest to them. Finding this out can help loved ones reacquaint themselves and fully understand that their life impacted the world and those around them. In turn, you can incorporate these experiences into an end-of-life celebration that your loved one would approve of.

Learn About New Memories Or Experiences

Wouldn’t reliving your family or loved ones’ most exciting memories be amazing? Of course, it would! The Lifetime Talk allows you to learn new information about your loved ones while re-experiencing these memories with them. You may also learn some new information to help you better understand them, their values, and their motivations.

Plan For The Future 

The Lifetime Talk can help make future preplanning arrangements go more smoothly. We recommend taking notes before, during, or after the conversation. It is easy to get emotional or caught up in the moment! You might also want to develop a list of questions or set a loose agenda for each Lifetime Talk to ensure specific topics are covered. Your agenda doesn’t have to be formal or strict (the conversation should flow naturally!). Instead, use an agenda to help to guide you. Remember to ask questions and be curious! 

Preplanning with Gerst

Interested in learning more about our preplanning services or resources to Have the Talk of a Lifetime? Connect with our team! Preplanning is free, and you can always make changes later on if you wish. We also offer webinars, in-person seminars, and community outreach presentations at churches, assisted living facilities, or clubs to go over arrangement options. Call or contact us to meet with our specialists or set up a group presentation today!