Grand Rapids:

Four Virtual Memorial Options to Honor Your Loved One

As technology has evolved over the years and more of the world has gone digital, funeral care providers have expanded their offerings. There are now many virtual memorial options, from live streaming services to continued community grief support through social media and monthly eNewsletters. Technology allows funerals to more authentically capture the spirit of those who have passed. It also creates an inclusive environment for all guests to pay their respects.


Four Virtual Memorial Options Available at Gerst Funeral Home

At Gerst, we offer several digital services and options to honor loved ones, including:

  1. Live-Streamed Services on Facebook.

    Live-streaming a funeral service provides flexibility for attendees, better accessibility opportunities (captioning services), and enables out-of-town guests to participate. It also facilitates guest interaction through the comments section, allowing them to share special memories and words of comfort with family and friends. Our team is happy to accommodate streaming requests. We will set up all equipment to broadcast the service on our Facebook page. 

  2. Virtual Preplanning Services.

    While facing the unknown can be scary, there is comfort in knowing your family will be taken care of by preplanning services. To schedule a virtual appointment, fill out this form or give us a call. Our Pre-Arrangement Specialist will set up a time to meet with you to discuss options.

  3. Digital Community & Resources.

    At Gerst, you join a digital community dedicated to providing grief resources and support during challenging times. Our newsletter showcases our featured blog, grief articles, upcoming events, and more. On social media, we regularly share affirmations, messages of comfort, and reminders to practice self-compassion. Be gentle with yourself! Grief is never linear and is a uniquely personal experience for each individual.

  4. Online Obituaries & Guestbooks.

    We publish all obituaries on our website, providing a convenient platform for friends and family to access heartfelt tributes for their loved ones. Additionally, we offer a virtual guestbook option and provide a link to our recommended florists. The virtual guestbook allows individuals to comment on obituaries, acting like a secondary social media platform where people can share their sentiments and memories.



Our team is committed to offering you the comfort and options you deserve. With advances in technology, families have the opportunity to personalize services and honor their loved ones in ways that feel authentic to them.