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Jeremy Smith


Jeremy J. Smith, former Alto resident, passed away in his sleep Sept. 15 2021 in Mt. Pleasant, PA where he resided with his partner Miranda Wood and his cat Mama Patches.

Jeremy was born on June 4 1979 and graduated from Lowell High school. Among his jobs after graduation was working with his brother Kirby at Little Caesar’s Pizza in Lowell, a West Michigan food processing plant, and General Mills in Ohio. He also worked in Grand Rapids for a while with his Toys R Us family.

Jeremy is preceded in death by his cousin James Flynn. He is survived by his parents, Annie and Ed Smith, his brothers Eric and Kirby and their families. Eric resides in Rockford with his wife LeAnna and their sons Parker and Pierce; brother Kirby and his wife Diana and nieces Maycee & Emmy who reside in Alto; best friends Paul and Christina Walters of Kentucky, and ex-wife and friend Lissette Reynoso who resides in South America.

He leaves behind his beloved extended family including Aunt Sally Stuck, cousins Laurie, Janet, Robert, Richard, and Linda of Muskegon; Aunt Jane and Uncle Tim, cousins Molly and Jesse Heaven-Hoyle; Aunt Merry Heaven and Uncle David Holcomb; Uncle Jack and Margaret Heaven, cousins Aaron, Jason, and Melissa all from Clarksville, MI. Other cousins include Larry Smith and family; Kim Smith – Doyle and family.

We are planning to remember Jeremy on October 2 2021 at 2 PM at our family lake located at 10502 Bell Rd in Clarksville Michigan. However if the weather does not permit we will be moving the celebration to the Clarksville Village Hall at 162 S Main St, Clarksville, MI 48815.

He loved his dog Lumpy, his motorcycle, and his little black Fiat his Mom called the “clown car.” Jeremy had a love for cooking and sharing his food with others. For those who knew him this isn’t goodbye. So “Jeremy, we will see you later.”

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  1. Grieving is HARD! It’s unpredictable, it’s sad, cruel, isolating & embarrassing. It’s numbing & painfully chaotic all at the same time. It’s the calm silence & the raging storm, within moments of each other. It’s the laughing with tears rolling down your face, but most of all, it’s an extremely unbearable feeling of finality that leaves you with an indescribable void that can never be undone.
    It’s the bridge over those troubled waters .
    For me one of the most painful parts of grieving is when “the dust begins to settle.” The world begins to slowly start moving again and I’m just not always ready. Almost like ripping the band aid off a raw wound. It’s the resistance of the understanding that life goes on & when it does, it’s a normal you never wished to know.
    Thank you Jeremy, for always being my friend, and always being there for me. I’ll never forget you
    Rest in the sweetest peace.

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