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Stepping Stones Montessori School

1110 College NE, Grand Rapids, Michigan 49503

Holden Lowing, age 78, passed away after a long illness. He is loved by his wife, Kathleen; sons, Roy and Luke; brother and sister-in-law, Steve & Jan Lowing; and many, many nieces & nephews, cousins, and friends. Holden was a beloved Montessori teacher who touched the hearts and math neurons of many students. He enjoyed being a part of the Fallsburg Park Historical Society and Sunday morning “church”. A memorial celebration will be held for Holden in the spring, and private services were held by the family. Contributions in his honor may be made to Stepping Stones Montessori School, 1110 College NE, Grand Rapids, Michigan 49503.

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  1. For some reason that I can’t explain, Holden’s name came to my mind this afternoon, and I was surprised and saddened to see that he has passed away. I had the privilege of being in his classroom for three remarkable years at Stepping Stones. He had a wonderful gift for teaching: he saw my strengths and encouraged them by providing me unparalleled opportunities to grow and excel. No other teacher ever went to such lengths for me, and I reap the benefits of his dedication every day. He also strove devotedly to foster a love of math in spite of my stubborn opposition. I have no doubt that I was a frustration and a thorn in his side for those years, but he rarely lost patience with me, a true testament to his character. Maybe it would have made him laugh to know that I am now engaged to a PhD student in math–and we discuss the subject with great mutual interest regularly!

    I will always remember Holden’s contributions to our school musicals (stage management and playing a disembodied voice of the forest of Direwood!), his last Great Lesson for sixth-year students in the schoolhouse at Fallasburg, the fossilized trilobites in his desk drawer, the geologic period timeline painted on his classroom wall, and so much more.

    My sincerest sympathies to Kathleen, Roy, Luke, and all of his loved ones. I hope you can find comfort in what must be many, many wonderful memories.

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