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Memorials in Ted’s name may be sent to:

Mayo clinic



St. Nicholas Antiochian Church

2250 E. Paris Ave SE, Grand Rapids, MI 49546

Ted Azkoul, of East Grand Rapids, born on November 3, 1934, was relieved of his earthly pain and illness on Sunday, July 26, 2020, and received healing and peace from our Lord Jesus Christ. Ted’s life was marked by an unceasing quest for knowledge, adventure, and selfless service. His love for family and friends was unconditional, and his unselfish regard was felt by many. The crowning example centered on a life-long care for his dear mother, Marie. Ted’s father, Mike, and his darling sister, Diane, predeceased Ted. Through it all, Ted’s Christian Orthodox faith sustained his long life. Despite sickness in his youth, Ted attained a superior level of physical conditioning and fitness; Ted excelled in sports. He remained an inspiration to everyone fortunate enough to be in his circle of family, friends, and admirers. Survivors include his brother, Rev. Michael Azkoul; nephew, Paul (Kathleen) and families; niece, Diane (Rich) Sieckmann and families; Robert (Bonnie) Azkoul and families; Mrs. Bernice Azkoul and families. “Teddy” will be missed, but his memory will be ETERNAL. A funeral service will be held at 11:00 a.m. Tuesday, July 28, 2020 with viewing and visitation an hour prior at St. Nicholas Antiochian Church, located at 2250 E. Paris SE, Grand Rapids. Fr. Michael Nassar officiating. In lieu of flowers, memorials in Ted’s name may be sent to Mayo clinic, https://philanthropy.mayoclinic.org/donateMC or St. Nicholas Antiochian Church, 2250 E Paris Ave S E, Grand Rapids, MI 49546. Condolences may be sent to Robert Azkoul, 6693 Passons Ct. SE, Caledonia, MI 49316.

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10 Responses

  1. A close friend, a confidant, a erudite reader and thinker, a humorist and nutritionist, a follower of Jesus Christ. What an honor to have known him and conversed with him over the decades. You inspired me in many ways. Love you and miss you Teddy!!

  2. So many memories, and thoughts. Love and prayers.
    Sherry, Craig, and boys

  3. 68years of knowing Teddy,and thanks for the adventure. They say in death we do part, not this time brother, not this time!

  4. Thank you for 68 years of adventure Teddy, they say in death do we part but not this time, not this time!

  5. Ted – for over 85 years, a 1st. cousin, closer than a brother, we were inseparable. Always clashing over some topic, while heartedly agreeing on another, you and I spent many hours and days through this life. From shopping often at Meijer’s and Costco, where we had many lunches (at sampling stands); then the years where we took on anyone in football, or blasting out home runs at Franklin Park, and really upholding each other. The grieving years, angel Diane, and Ummie Mike, Pepper and then my Mother Della, and yours, Marie. Families learned how to be under – Their examples.
    Thanks, Ted, for sharing and keeping secrets, but most of all, for your undying devotion and love.
    I commend you to our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, and may you find for certain, God’s Merciful hands accepting you into His Glory. With Eternal love and memories, Bobby

  6. Thank you for your common sense, true kindness always, delicious food and great humor. Your stories are amazing and will live on. You will be so missed. We love you Teddy.
    Lynne, JP, Alexia and Nikolas

  7. There are no words to describe my love for the best uncle anyone could ever have in any generation. He was my uncle, my second father, my friend, my confidant. I can not express the surprise and the inexplicable sadness I felt upon hearing of his cancer and death. I thought he would be here for years to come after my father finally passes. He did so much for so many people, emotionally and supportively and encouragingly. He affected everyone he met and knew So very positively. His values were not in tangible or material things that so many people desire and serve. He was poor monetarily and materially, As banal as it sounds, very rich in intangibles but rich in character and virtue. He was a man with faith in God, deep in thought, strong in mind, good, loving, generous, contemplative and sagacious, and charming. I remember many things he taught me but one thing he said to me once was, “I can be friends with anyone, whether they are 9 or 90”.
    The world Has lost a great man, whether they know it or not., which made it that much better. I have lost a huge important part of my life and a significant part of myself, but heaven has become that much more triumphant, richer and loving. You are missed my dearest uncle and will never be forgotten. May our merciful Lord allow us to be with each other again in the next life and continue our relationship in His heavenly kingdom. Amen

  8. l Love you Teddy!
    You are and were a Great Friend!!!
    I cant express my feeling of loss.
    I Love you Teddy!

    Cousin Matt Bonemer

  9. I believe Uncle Ted was a great masterpiece, a puzzle. Everyone who knew him well or just a stranger knew pieces of him. I believe only God knows the complete person. My prayers for him are peace, no pain, comfort and love with God, the Saints and his family. Something Uncle Ted said to me in the past, “You have to find a goal and aim at it so you have some feeling of hope.” I’ll always miss Uncle Ted for the rest of my days.

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