Grand Rapids:

Coping With Loss During Holidays

The holidays can be a hard time for those who have lost a loved one. It may bring up joyful memories and let us mourn for those who may have been special in our lives. When going into this season and coping with loss during holidays, consider these ways you can celebrate those who have passed to create new meaningful memories.

Be Open About Your Loss During Holidays

Your friends and family understand your loss and want to be there to support you during this difficult time. Be open with communicating your feelings with your loved ones around the holidays and you may find some pain lifted. After all, there’s power in support and human connection, so use it as one of your best tools to assist in the healing process.

Treasure Memories

Holidays may bring up memories of the past along, but focus on how special those memories were and how lucky you were to have them. If memories bring joy, then feel joy. If they bring sadness, feel sadness. Working through these feelings is a great way to not only experience the memories all over, but can propel you into making new memories.

Remember That Love Does Not End With Death

A personal loss around the holidays may cause greif in daily living. But it’s important to remember: love does not stop with death. Love transcends through a lifetime and even after one has passed. Remember in death, that love never dies. But rather, is communicated differently through loving memories and tributes today.

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