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5 Podcasts to Help Affirm and Reframe Your Grief

Have you recently been struggling with grief? Have other coping techniques been ineffective so far? Consider listening to a grief podcast! Grief is complex, and sometimes, listening to another person’s story can help you to start validating your own feelings and experiences. 

Benefits of Listening to Grief Podcasts

  1. Listening to a grief podcast can help you feel less alone. Grief can feel isolating, especially if no one in your inner circle has experienced a similar type of situation. Grief podcasts typically feature many different types of guests who discuss a wide variety of topics and experiences. You are more likely to hear about stories that resonate with your unique loss – helping to alleviate feelings of loneliness. 
  2. Podcasts can provide fresh perspectives and insights. You might not have heard of a book, support group, or coping strategy featured in the latest episode. Podcasts can turn into a valuable resource as you start to work through your grief.  
  3. Working through feelings of anger? Guilt? Or maybe even relief? Grief podcasts can help you better understand the full spectrum of emotions that you might experience after a loss. Check out our tips for working through your grief.
  4. Connecting with podcasts on their respective social media platforms or online groups gives you access to a network of fellow listeners as well. You might bond with someone over a particular episode, find a comment that resonates with your experience, or receive helpful advice by asking a question in a Facebook group.
  5. Listeners can easily find episodes that are relevant or interesting to their experience and aren’t constrained to listening to episodes in order. 


Recommended Grief Podcasts: 

  1. Affirmation Pod with Josie Ong: “Feeling down? Get soothing affirmations to boost your mental health! This affirmation podcast gives you self-love for confidence, comfort, and success.” Affirmation Pod is a podcast that does not specifically focus on grief. It does, however, provide listeners with specific affirmations and meditations that can help them to reframe, refresh, and refocus their thoughts. Recent episodes include: “Starting Over,” “Emotional Boundaries,” and “Calming Affirmations.”
  2. Daily Meditation Podcast:Daily Meditation Podcast is where you’ll find a new guided meditation practice every day. We offer different types of practices, from mindfulness and visualizations to body scans and loving kindness. Whether you’re looking to meditate for focus, manage anxiety, help you sleep, or live a more examined life, you’ve come to the right place.” Again, this podcast does not focus specifically on grief. Instead, Daily Meditation Podcast provides listeners with tools to soothe anxiety, feelings of helplessness, and practice self-forgiveness. 
  3. Terrible, Thanks for Asking: “Terrible, Thanks for Asking is a show by author Nora McInerny that lets real people get real honest about how they’re really doing. It’s sometimes sad, sometimes funny, and almost always both.” Host Nora started this podcast after the death of her husband, Aaron. Her podcast offers listeners a wide variety of stories, from suicide to divorce to dealing with chronic illness.  
  4. Unlocking Us with Brené Brown: “I’ve spent over 20 years studying the emotions and experiences that bring meaning and purpose to our lives, and if there’s one thing I’ve learned, it’s this: We are hardwired for connection, and connecting requires courage, vulnerability, and conversation. I want this to be a podcast that’s real, unpolished, honest, and reflects both the magic and the messiness of what it means to be human.” Brené Brown is an expert on vulnerability and “being real” about the human experience. Recent episodes cover topics that explore living through the second half of life, how to respond to pain and hurt, and life after loss.
  5. Griefcast: “‘My goal right from the beginning was that I wanted to be a podcast that, when it stopped, you didn’t feel worse’ says Cariad Lloyd, host of Griefcast, a weekly interview podcast where media personalities share stories about loved ones they’ve lost.” Cariad speaks with comedians, writers, directors, artists, and more on her podcast, Griefcast. Episodes reflect on rituals that can guide us, creating change, and what really being there looks like.


In Conclusion

Working through your grief doesn’t have to be a lonely process. You have friends, loved ones, and community resources to guide you through this chapter in your life. The other side of grief is a bright one, and you will get there at your own unique pace.