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Regan Miranda Hockenberry, 22, passed away from fentanyl poisoning on January 1st, 2024, in Grand Rapids, Michigan.

Regan and her twin brother, Zachary, were born on July 19th, 2001, in New York City. The two of them, lovingly referred to as the two-headed monster, spent their young childhood causing light-hearted mischief and making people laugh all over Brooklyn. Regan started her education at Saint Ann’s School where she made her first friends, and her creativity began to blossom. In the third grade, Regan transferred to the Brooklyn New School, a place where she solidified relationships with peers and teachers. Her fearless instinct for demanding justice became apparent in the fifth grade when she initiated a protest at recess in response to the school’s ban on the book The Hunger Games. After elementary school, Regan attended William Alexander Middle School (MS 51) as a choral student and wowed classmates and audience members with her powerful and soulful singing voice. Following middle school, Regan explored her passion and incredible skill for writing, a gift she inherited from both of her parents, at Edward R. Murrow High School, where she and Zach were co-editors of the student newspaper. They graduated side by side in 2019. In addition to Brooklyn, Regan grew up spending weekends, summers, holidays, and vacations in Egremont, Massachusetts among family and friends, a place she held most dear.

Since graduating high school, Regan lived and worked in Grand Rapids, Michigan, a place where she met a beautiful and welcoming chosen family, and St. Paul, Minnesota, where she became closer with her aunt Amy and worked with young children on the autism spectrum. Regan attended The City College of the City University of New York and Belmont University in Nashville where she was working to complete her bachelor’s degree in songwriting and intended to work in music therapy.

Regan’s childhood in Brooklyn, NY was populated with people who loved music, dance, art, philosophy, and above all else, her. This community of creativity and love led Regan to her pursuit of music and her immense gift of caring for and teaching young children across the neurodiversity spectrum. Regan’s love of music and community was contagious, and her absence leaves a gaping hole in the lives of so many.

Growing up, Regan was never afraid to be loud, take up space, and say exactly what was on her mind, a trait she carried through to adulthood. While Regan faced many struggles in her short life, something she never seemed to be was afraid or ashamed of who she was — something that left many of the people in her life in total awe of her. She commanded every space she entered and left each space more interesting and dynamic than it was before she arrived. She had a deep, hearty laugh and a sharp and unforgiving sense of humor, we are so lucky to have lived on this Earth at the same fleeting moment as Regan Hockenberry and we will cherish her life forever.

Regan is preceded in death by her grandparents, Jack and Nancy Hockenberry, her aunt Catherine Schmuker, her uncle Charles Slagle, and her cousin Lisa Blatz.

Regan is survived by her mother and father, John Hockenberry and Alison Craiglow, her brothers, Zachary and Ajax, her sisters, Zoë and Olivia, her aunts, Amy Hess, Susan Young, Sandy Hockenberry, and Hilary and Brittany Craiglow, her uncles, Craig Hess, Brett King, Tom Young, and Peter, David, and Timothy Hockenberry, her grandparents Elizabeth Holland and Robert Schweikert, and James and Shelley Craiglow, her cousins Ava Rudsenske and 13 others, and finally, her beloved cat, Moose.

In addition to those listed above, is an innumerable list of loving friends.

In Regan’s memory, we ask that you please consider donating to any of the following three organizations that were deeply important to Regan and the communities in which she lived, and to our family. When donating please indicate in the notes, comments, or memo sections that the contribution is “In honor of Regan Hockenberry” or list her name in the Honorarium line if applicable.

The Brooklyn Autism Center: BAC Friends Program (

From a young age Regan was a volunteer and then later as an adult worked at The Brooklyn Autism Center (BAC), a private, non-profit school in Brooklyn, New York dedicated to providing high-quality education to individuals ages 5 to 21 with autism spectrum disorder (ASD). BAC Friends is a volunteer peer socialization after-school program designed to foster an inclusive environment and enhance social interaction and communication between individuals with autism and their typically developing peers in a fun, engaging, and inspiring setting — a community necessity Regan had always been passionate about. Regan and her siblings have been a part of the BAC community since its inception. As Regan grew up, her gift and love for working with children and adults on the autism spectrum blossomed and she continued this work across many organizations, including BAC.

CORA Dance (

Regan was a longtime member of the community at CORA Dance, a pay-what-you-can dance school committed to providing equal access to programs, personalized opportunities for youth seeking professional performing arts pursuits, and practices that expand integration in the community located in Red Hook, Brooklyn. Regan attended classes at CORA throughout elementary, middle, and high school as well as was a member of the CORA Youth Company (CYC).

AYA Youth Collective (

AYA Youth Collective is a non-profit organization in Grand Rapids, Michigan working with youth and community partners to break cycles of homelessness. Regan spent a considerable amount of time in Grand Rapids jamming with friends and family, enjoying the beauty of western Michigan, and making many wonderful friends. Regan’s love for the region and passion for helping others highlight the incredible work of AYA Youth Collective.

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22 Responses

  1. Thank you for sharing. Regan was a remarkable young lady. I am sorry that I didnot meet her but she will have a lasting place in many many lives both family, organizations and friends

  2. Regan was such a dear friend and I will always cherish the memories we had. Along with the warm and friendly inclusions her family provided me through out our friendship. Whether it was inviting me to their home on multiple occasions, at the time you were all my second home. I love you all so much and once again I am sorry for your loss.

  3. Thank you for sharing this insightful picture of your daughter, granddaughter, sister, niece, cousin and friend. In just a few years she lived a full life. I am
    sorry she didn’t have more time to develop her talents and share them with you.

  4. So very sorry for your loss, I remember her as a vibrant child while attending St. James Church in Great Barrington.

  5. Regan was such a sweet and wonderful person. I am honored to have been part of her Michigan family and she has made such an impact in my life. Its hard to describe how special of a person Regan is – she was creative, passionate, and determined.

  6. Regan’s spark and light was evident to all who met her. I vividly remember her in the BNS years, and making action movies with Zach and friends at the Red Hook loft. She was a beautiful, bright young woman with incredible talent, and an opinion on everything. We are so terribly sorry for your loss, and for the toll that depression and drug use are taking on all of our youth. As the fog of grief gives way to the challenge of learning to live without your beloved Regan, I hope that your memories of her will provide comfort and strength.

  7. Such a creative and lovely human being, cut short way too soon. My sincere condolences to her parents, her siblings and all those around her.

  8. regan was my bestest friend and she will always be remembered in my heart prayers to her family

  9. How vividly we remember Regan from the wonderful gathering in Rhinebeck this summer. At first I could not believe that what I was reading could possibly be true! Regan, so young, so aspiring, so talented and so beloved by all her family. As parents of twins, we have loved knowing about Liz’s foursome grandchildren. Jack and I send our love and deepest sympathy to all the family.

  10. I am desperately sad to learn of Miranda’s passing. I knew her as Miranda when she joined my third grade class at Brooklyn New School and if I remember correctly, that was the first year she chose to use that name. I remember her as a joyous, cheerful student and felt so lucky that she and her family joined our community. My heart goes out to her family and friends.

  11. I lived with Regan for about a year. I still remember the first night I met her, we were sitting in an empty room of the house we had just moved into, and Regan began to sing. I remember being so moved by her voice – and so excited to have a new friend and roommate that could sing for us whenever we wanted. Only partly joking. Regan was a ball of energy. She was hilarious and kind, and so passionate. Regan could recite every word to every Harry Potter movie, sing every song beautifully, and was unbelievably creative. I will miss her dearly.

  12. May Regan’s light and shining talent continue to inspire people to live boldly, as did she. May Regan’s wonderful voice echo forever in the hearts of those she touched and in the halls of the places she loved.

  13. RIP Regan .
    We are so sorry for this heartbreaking
    tragic loss and our sincere condolences to Regan s family and friends .
    We love you all very much and send you all our strength.
    Regan , forever young in our hearts forever .

  14. I am very sorry to hear of Regan’s unfortunate passing at such a young age. My sincere sympathy and condolences to Elizabeth Holland and family in your loss.

  15. I regret not knowing this shining light. I knew her father at about this age and expect that she shared many of his remarkable qualities and abilities.

  16. So very sorry to learn this. I remember the first time her dad brought Regan and her brother to the office; a pair of squirmy, fidgety little ones that John would grab by the scruff of their necks and place on his lap. He was so very proud.
    I hope the memories of Regan gives you all comfort during this terrible time.

  17. “There is a sacredness in tears. They are not the mark of weakness, but of power. They speak more eloquently than ten thousand tongues. They are the messengers of overwhelming grief, of deep contrition, and of unspeakable love.”
    Washington Irving I Share your tears, as the only way I can comprehend your loss. My sincerest condolences to your family, friends and many many loved ones.

  18. Sounds like your sister was a beautiful soul, and the impact she had on everyone fortunate enough to know her will be cherished forever. Her memory will live on in the countless moments of laughter, joy, and love that you shared together.

    Your strength and resilience during this heartbreaking period has not gone unnoticed. As an older sister, you played an incredibly special role in her life, undoubtedly unique and irreplaceable. I am sure that she felt blessed to have you as her sister.

    I want to express my deepest sympathies and offer my unwavering support as you navigate through this unimaginable loss. Grief is a journey, and here is no timetable for healing. Lean on the love of those around you, and allow yourself the time and space you need to grieve.

    If there’s anything I can do to support you, please don’t hesitate to reach out. Zoe, you are a wonderful and strong young woman, and I believe that your sister’s spirit will continue to guide and inspire you.

    May you find solace in the cherished memories you shared and the love that surrounds you. Please give your mom a big hug from me. Sending you heartfelt condolences and keeping you in my thoughts and prayers.

    With deepest sympathy,
    David Siqueiros

  19. Regan was a cherished student of mine when she was in 8th grade. She gave me a run for my money; she was brave and sweet, sunny and fiery, funny and sincere. We hadn’t really ever lost touch, and this breaks my heart. She thanked me in my yearbook that year for giving her “cool tips on how to be bossy and write sonnets,” and signed it, “your favorite student ever.” It was so her. Sending courage to Regan’s family.

  20. Regan’s passing is a tremendous loss for so many, including her loving family and friends. My deepest condolences to all those affected by her passing. May her memory be a blessing.

  21. Zoe and family – please accept my sincere condolences on Regan’s passing. May her memory be a blessing.

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