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Five TED Talk Playlists to Help You Move Forward in Your Grief Journey

In January, we published an article showcasing podcasts that help listeners process different types of grief experiences and affirm their own grief journey. This month, we would like to highlight a similar kind of resource in video form: Ted Talks on Grief. 

Many people are familiar with TED, an organization that fosters community and creates an impact through dynamic conferences, events, and talks. Over the years, TED has featured several speakers, including Nora McInerny, Jason B. Rosenthal, and Lucy Hone, who discuss topics like resiliency, moving forward with grief, and terminal illness. 

If you are looking for a fresh perspective, further insight about your grief, or simply want to feel a little less alone, make space in your schedule to watch a few of these TED talks today. 

Recommended TED Talk Playlists on Grief

  1. What Comes After Grief Playlist:Be inspired by these speakers who found comfort in transforming grief and sadness into action, art and progress.” Featured speakers include: Alyssa Monks and Sarah Gray
  2. Wisdom for Living with Death and Loss Playlist: “An exploration of what makes life worth living in the face of death — and how to move forward with grief and loss.” Featured speakers include: Lucy Hone and Jason B. Rosenthal
  3. Talks on Remembering Those We Have Lost Playlist: “The pain of personal loss, war and conflict is universal. These speakers share big and small ways to remember those lost long after they’re gone.” Featured speakers include: Nora McInerny, Aicha el-Wafi, and Phyllis Rodriguez
  4. Finding and Bringing Closure Playlist: “Death is hard, and suffering from the subsequent loss is even harder. These talks focus on the journey to finding closure and reaching the end of difficult chapters in life.” Featured speakers include: Elizabeth Lesser and Amy Green
  5. What Death Teaches You About Life Playlist: “There is much to learn in death as there is in life. An intimate look at the wisdom forged from deep loss.” Featured speakers include: Lux Narayan and Kathy Hull

“Grieving doesn’t make you imperfect. It makes you human.” – Sarah Dessen

Know you are not alone

Working through your grief doesn’t have to be a lonely process. You have friends, loved ones, and community resources to guide you through this chapter in your life. The other side of grief is a bright one, and you will get there at your own unique pace. Read more of our blogs that offer helpful tips to help you during your grief journey.