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Fingerprint Jewelry

You can experience the closeness of your loved one every single day with a keepsake from our partner, Legacytouch. Feel connected to your loved one wherever you go with a cherished fingerprint engraved in a keepsake or piece of jewelry. From charms to pendants to dog tags, bookmarks, keychains, and more, custom fingerprint jewelry and keepsakes are carefully handcrafted by professional artisans and are as unique as the love they represent.

The fine jewelry artists at Legacytouch care about their craft as much as you care about your cherished memento. We trust them to provide the finest quality keepsakes for the individuals we serve. The refined lines of your loved one’s fingerprint are a sentimental symbol of their individuality. Grieving families come to us with an overwhelming sense of loss, and it’s an honor to connect them with a service that provides them one last gift to remember them by and carry forever.

Three fingerprint engraved necklaces by Legacy Touch


Most frequent questions and answers

If you so wish, your loved one’s fingerprints will be taken right away by Gerst Funeral Home before the final disposition. You will then be provided with a PIN assigned to those prints and can use it to order jewelry on LegacyTouch. The PIN and initials of your loved one will be used to confirm the identity for each order.

Fingerprints are securely stored in the database in perpetuity. After the fingerprints have been stored, you can decide to order jewelry and keepsakes at any point thereafter. The PIN does not expire and is available indefinitely.

Fingerprints are not generally shared unless required by law or, in rare cases, shared with LegacyTouch affiliate technology partners to improve internal systems, in which case all identifying information is removed before images are shared. Identity information is kept safe and secured in the database and will stay between the appropriate funeral home, LegacyTouch, and the family.

Items that qualify for express and accelerated shipping services guarantee a specified delivery date. Certain items offer a 24-hour turnaround with express shipping delivery. Orders placed before noon are placed in the same-day manufacturing queue.